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How to Sync Email to Your Mobile Device - iOS

In order to sync your email to your mobile device (iOS & Android), you are required to enroll your device in our Mobile Device Management system called Meraki System Manager. Please follow the instructions below for enrolling your phone with Meraki SM and syncing your email. These instructions are creating using an iPhone but most of the steps will apply for android, android will have a few more prompts that you have to accept than iOS. In the future, we will have a dedicated android guide for syncing your email. Please see each attached screenshot for a visual guide on each step.

Step 1:
Go to the App Store on your iOS device. Select the Search tab and then enter Meraki Systems Manager. Click on the download button next to the Meraki Systems Manager app.

Step 2:
After the download has completed navigate to the Meraki Systems Manager on your home screen and open the application. Click the Begin Enrollment button and then select Allow on the notifications popup.

Step 3:
You should now be on the Enroll in Systems Manager page where it is asking for the enrollment code. Please enter ProvHS as the enrollment code and then click on Enroll This Device.

Step 4:
You will now be asked to sign in for authentication. Please click on the Sign In button.

Step 5:
On the sign-in page please enter your Providence High School email address in the Email field.

Step 6:
Now enter your password for your Providence High School network\email account.

Step 7:
After successfully signing in you will be prompted to install an MDM profile on your devices. Please select the Continue button.

Step 8:
A new window will open in your internet browser and direct you to install the Meraki management profile. Please select Allow to continue.

Step 9:
After the profile has been downloaded, please exit your internet browser and go to the settings application on your iOS device.

Step 10:
In the settings application you should see a new button called Profile Downloaded, please select this to continue.

Step 11:
On the top right of the Install Profile window select the Install button.

Step 12:
On the warning prompt select the Install button.

Step 13:
You will now have a new popup titled Remote Management, please select Trust to continue.

Step 14:
You have now completed the profile installation. Please navigate back to the Meraki SM application and you should be successfully enrolled.

Step 15:
Install the Outlook application either by going to the Apps section of the Meraki SM application or by downloading the application directly from the App Store.

Once Outlook has been downloaded login using your Providence High School network\email account and password. You have now completed the enrollment and sync of your email on your mobile device.
Creation date: 2/6/2020 2:57 PM (michael.jagosz@providencehigh.org)      Updated: 2/6/2020 3:03 PM (michael.jagosz@providencehigh.org)
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