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How to Change Screen Resolution for Better Projector Quality

Changing Resolution (Projector)
Some projectors cannot handle the high screen resolution that is on your desktop computer. As a result, it displays a bad image on the screen. In order for the image quality to improve the screen resolution on your desktop computer must be lowered to a more compatible resolution.
When the projector is up and running go to your desktop on your computer and right click on the screen.
Select “Screen Resolution”.

1. First click “Multiple Displays” and set the option to duplicate these displays
2. Next change the Resolution to 1680 x 1050.
3. Click “Apply” and “Keep Changes”.

Note*: Some computers don’t have the same resolution options, you may have to experiment with which resolution works for you.
The options should look like this:

The quality of the projector's image should increase. If you don’t like the way it is being displayed you can lower the resolution even more to your preference.
When you are done using the projector you can revert your desktop resolution to the highest option.