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How to switch classes in NetSupport School

Work in Progress

Step 1: Open NetSupport School on your computer.
Step 2: You should now be greeted with a popup window that is asking you to choose a class. (If another popup has opened before you see the class selection please click the "start" button.)
Step 3: On the right hand side of the current window click the "New" button.
Step 4: Now choose the "Room Mode" and enter in the name of your computer lab as follows without the dashes: Lab 104 - Lab 110 - Lab 201 - Lab 207 - Lab 215 - Lab 217 - Lab 301
Step 5: Now select the "Ok" button. You should now be back in the classroom selection screen.
Step 6: Left click on the classroom that you want to begin monitoring. Now click on the "Select" button on the right side of the current window. This should now have your currently computer lab selected with a green check mark.
Step 7: Now click the "Ok" button in the bottom right and you will now be connected to your NetSupport School Classroom.
Creation date: 4/25/2017 11:17 PM ()      Updated: 4/25/2017 11:19 PM ()